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Why Take Zeolite Powder or Liquid Zeolite? Wednesday, 17 July 2013 09:56

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral, created from the chemical reaction between seawater and volcanic magma or ash. While this may not sound appealing for consumption, zeolite is an incredibly unique and beneficial mineral, providing an array of health advantages with frequent use. With the potential to attract unwanted and harmful metals, toxins and poisons, trap them, and then remove them from the body, zeolite can be a great supplement to take in powder, liquid or capsule form!

Zeolite has been reported to remove heavy metals from our bodies, such as mercury, arsenic, and lead, all of which can be found in the foods we eat. These toxic metals can cause serious life-threatening illnesses, possibly damaging the brain, lungs, kidneys, or liver. This maineral traps these toxic metals, safely and completely removing them from your system. Other toxins and poisons are reportedly expelled from the system using zeolite, such as pesticides, herbicides, free radicals and more, which all play their own part in weakening the immune system. Unfortunately, these toxins and poisons are found not just in the food we eat but in the air we breathe as well, making it impossible to completely avoid coming in contact with them. Taking it can help ensure that fewer heavy metals and toxins are poisoning your body.

Zeolite can also be great for digestion. Good bacteria in our digestive tracts are stimulated by zeolite, which can balance both good and bad bacteria while improving digestive health. Not only that, but zeolite may also be able to increase nutrient absorption while in the gastrointestinal tract, decreasing the chances of getting the stomach flu or other infections. Additionally, it may have the ability to balance pH levels, which may have many nutritional benefits as well. When pH levels are too high or too low, beneficial enzymes and other proteins can become denatured and inactive, possibly even hurting the body. Vital minerals will also not be absorbed properly or completely with unbalanced pH levels, so eating foods with high mineral content can become fruitless. By taking zeolite, you may be able to improve and reinforce nutrient absorption in the body.

Zeolite and liquid zeolite are 100% non-toxic. As with any supplement, check with your healthcare professional before taking it, especially in conjunction with other medications or if you are pregnant or nursing.

What Is Natural Cellular Liquid Zeolite? Wednesday, 23 May 2012 01:06

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral formed when volcanic magma and ash meets with seawater. Instantly, chemical reactions occur that create these micronized minerals as well as their unique properties. This mineral belongs in a family of micro-porous solids (molecular sieves). Zeolite also carries a natural negative charge while heavy metals, free radicals, pesticides, and other toxins are positive.

These two factors may provide the ability to attract (opposites attract) unwanted materials and trap them within their indestructible ‘honeycomb-like’ cage. Chelation is the process described above – attraction, absorption and eventual elimination.

Zeolite is found in several forms such as an activated liquid, powder or even in capsules. A body burdened with heavy metals and toxins may not function to its best. Your body needs to be cleaned from unwanted, harmful toxins so that it can focus on different body systems. The immune system is the ‘body’s first line of defense’.

Liquid and powder zeolite are sometimes taken in conjunction. Most brands of liquid zeolite use ingredients like fulvic/humic acids and other trace minerals which actually act as carriers of the mineral.

Liquid Zeolite reported benefits:

01Zeolite may attract and may remove heavy metals, nitrosamines, toxins and poisons from within your body (cells, tissues, organs). Unfortunately, all this is found in the food we eat, the air we breathe and on the planet we will. We cannot escape the constant exposure but we can limit ourselves by making conscious eating decisions and supplementing with powerful health products.

Some of these metals include but are not limited to mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, etc. Some toxins and poisons include pesticides, herbicides, free radicals, PCB’s and other chemicals. All of this leads to the depletion and weakening of the immune system. The immune system is the body’s FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT line of defense against all disease.

02May Balance pH. The blood’s normal pH range is about 7.3 (neutral is 7.00). This is measured on a scale of 1-14. Removing excess protons from the body which are responsible for creating acidity, may help balance pH. Some believe that being alkaline is important for better health.

03Zeolite may be an antioxidant. Zeolite’s amazing structure and charge is responsible for this powerful benefit. It is able to attract, trap and eliminate free radicals which oxidize (destroy) healthy cells and weaken immune system.

04Liquid Zeolite may trap antigens which cause allergies, asthma and headaches. In a similar process of chelation and ability to trap and remove free radicals – zeolite is able to trap and eliminate these antigens which are responsible for these troubling conditions.
05Is non-toxic and 100% natural. Labeled GRAS by FDA (general regarded as safe). It is hard to imagine that a mineral, formed by the harsh realities of nature, can provide so many amazing benefits with little to no reported side effects.

Liquid Zeolite is the most commonly consumed form of zeolite – it is rapidly absorbing. However, zeolite powder and capsules may be more effective if trying to get a higher concentration as it is not diluted in a solution.

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