Ge-ProCoQ10-Max is the most affordable, absorbable, and powerful CoQ10 available on the market today.

It is absorbed and utilized up to about 18 times more compared to regular CoQ10 products.

It is also at least twice as more absorbable in contrast to the so-called best and newest quinol.

Studies have shown that taking Ge-ProCoQ10 yields serum levels of CoQ10 18 times higher than the usual CoQ10. The absorbability and solubility of the CoQ10 in ProCoQ10 has been increased even more with the process of “ester science” which brings the nutrients into the cells from the digestive system. As proven by other clinical trials, daily DNA damage found in humans is reduced by 51% with just 30 mg of ProCoQ10 everyday. The wrinkles in the human skin have also shrunk in 6 weeks. One capsule of Ge-ProCoQ10-Max provides 150 mg of CoQ10 and this single capsule is the same as the 2,700 mg supplied by the usual CoQ10.

Ge-ProCoQ10-Max also contains about 50 mg of Organic Germanium-132. Germanium-132 is a key ingredient in Ge-ProCoQ10 because it greatly enhances the oxygen levels found in the cells. This component is an organic form of the basic germanium mineral. It is rich in oxygen and it is attributed for its antiviral, free-radical and immuno-stimulative scavenging actions as well as for its improved oxygen utilization support.

Another key ingredient contained in a single capsule of Ge-ProCoQ10-Max is 450 mg of SRBC (Soluble Rice Bran Complex) – it is 100% absorbable and usable. It also offers a good balance and a full range of nutrients that can restore the health naturally. Synthetic supplements can never replicate this. It can be completely digested because it uses only the soluble part of the stabilized rice bran and germ. A single capsule provides the same kind of nutrition a pound of ordinary brown rice provides without all the unnecessary starch. This very healthy rice complex strongly encourages the optimum absorption of ProCoQ10 and further improves all kinds of benefits.

Soluble Rice Bran Complex offers a wide range of antioxidants such as tocotrienols, which have been proven to be 6000 times more effective than vitamin E. The rice complex also provides natural vitamin B that boosts stamina and energy. It even helps in maintaining blood sugar namely Pangamic Acid (B-15). Soluble Rice Bran Complex is a natural source of alpha lipoic acid, IP6, squalene and of course, CoQ10 each of which provides all the necessary nutrients the body needs. For this reason alone, Soluble Rice Bran Complex is an ideal ingredient in the Ge-ProCoQ10 mix.

Each bottle of Ge-ProCoQ10 has 30 capsules.

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