OxyDHQ is very powerful and potent liquid oxygen supplement that will change your life. A growing belief about health states that cancer and other foreign invaders cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment. It has been found that people with health ailments, among other things, are low in oxygen.

OxyDHQ is helpful in stimulating the process of oxidation and reduction. OxyDHQ is a liquid oxygen supplement that provides the body with:

  • Steady supply of free oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Full spectrum minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • DHQ

OxyDHQ is reported to kill candida, yeasts and molds this same activity also makes it difficult for parasites, pathogens and infections to thrive in the body. Some studies suggest that minimizing or eliminating these malicious culprits, you can reduce the occurrence of many diseases including cancer.

Toxins are unwanted elements in the body that can cause various ailments. It is very necessary that toxins are neutralized and eliminated immediately from the body to prevent these diseases from permeating the body. This can be done by continuous process of oxidation and reduction. In this process, free oxygen and hydrogen are released, which in turn helps stabilize toxic elements in the body, making them soluble, eventually in a form that can be eliminated by the body.

OxyDHQ contains dissolved oxygen (From D2SO4 & Hydrogen Sulphate in solution) Seawater extract, Dihydroquercetin (DHQ from Siberian Larch) Enzyme blend, Vitamin C, all of which aid in releasing free oxygen and hydrogen in the body, in turn helping the body in its fight against diseases.

DHQ has many desirable characteristics, one of which is that it is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants which give protection against free radicals and oxidative stress. OxyDHQ is also a powerful electrolyte which has the ability to recharge voltage at the cellular level. This process helps replenish energy throughout the system, and assists normal cell replication. In turn, nutrients are better absorbed by the cells while neutralizing disease-causing toxins.

Polar bonding and electrical recharge create unharmful elements in the body while cleansing out disease-causing cells and lactic acid. OxyDHQ ensures that polar bonding and electrical recharge take place in the body with its steady supply of free oxygen and enzymes and other elements that help diseases like cancer at bay.

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